Buck Bald Craft Beer Pours

Buck Bald, Fisherman.

Buck was spending a lazy Saturday afternoon with a line in the water at Goforth creek. With a tasty beer in one hand and his fishing pole in the other Buck gazed happily at the surrounding mountains and listened to the sounds of a nearby waterfall.

As Buck reached into the water for another bottle of naturally cooled refreshment he heard a faint cry in the distance. Sensing trouble Buck headed in the direction of the Ocoee River with his fishing pole and fresh beer still in hand.

As Buck approached the Ocoee, he quickly discovered the source of the cry. A raft with five paddlers had hit a reversal and been swamped. The five rafters clung to the wrapped boat as the whitewater rushed quickly by. With the rafters hanging on for dear life, Buck looked at the beer in his left hand and the baited hook in his right and decided immediately what needed to be done.

Now I can’t tell you exactly what happened after that, but an hour later there were five soaked rafters and a dry Buck Bald sitting in a local watering hole enjoying a pitcher of Pistol Packin’ India Pale Ale.

Story By: Patrick Keenan
The Hollerin' Man