Buck Bald Craft Beer Pours

Buck Bald, Proprietor.

It’d been a tough week for Buck. Buck’s Uncle Andy had passed away earlier in the week. Buck was taking it hard. Buck had learned many of life’s most important lessons at Uncle Andy’s side. Whether they were taking a long walk in the wilderness, catching fish at a local river, or working side by side at Andy’s Service Station on Jackson and Ocoee, Uncle Andy was always as quick with a smile or a hug as he was with his wit.

To make matters worse, Buck’s job at the mine was starting to wear him thin. The pay was good enough, but Buck thought he could do something more…something bigger.

As Father Brendan eulogized Uncle Andy in front of God, friends, neighbors, and family, Buck’s mind started to drift to how he could best carry on Uncle Andy’s legacy. He started to think of his personal gifts. How could he bring joy to the people around him using what he had learned over the years?

As Uncle Andy was lowered into the ground an idea came to Buck. He was known far and wide for his home-brewed beer and his friendly and positive spirit. People would come from miles around to sit with Buck on a sunny summer afternoon and share their thoughts, fears, and dreams over a tasty malt beverage. The answer was clear. Buck would put in his notice at the mine and take over Andy’s Service Station.

A few months later Andy’s Service Station had a new owner, a new look, and a new sign – Buck Bald’s Filling Station : Fill a pint, fill a growler, fill your mind.

Story By: Lesley Keenan
Adapted By: Patrick Keenan
The Hollerin' Man