Buck Bald Craft Beer Pours

Buck Bald Stories.

Who is Buck Bald? Maybe a better question is "What is Buck Bald?" Buck Bald is a mountain peak in Polk County, Tennessee. After multiple failed attempts to find a unique name that accurately reflects the beauty and history of North GA and South Central Tennessee, we finally settled on a local landmark. We think it has a certain ring (the alliteration helps with that) and a local flavor that perfectly represents the character of the beers we are trying to brew.

That being said, we'd hate to let facts get in the way of a good story (or stories). Building on the distinctive Hollerin' Man logo created by local artist Gary Godby, we decided that Buck Bald (the Hollerin' Man) should have a history. In that spirit we've started to compile short stories that both add to the mystique of Buck Bald and introduce our local landmarks and history.

So take some time to read about Buck Bald and his adventures. We hope you enjoy the stories. Maybe you'll even learn a thing or two along the way. Oh...if you're feeling creative, we encourage you to write a tale of your own and share it with us on Facebook. If your story catches our fancy you may find it on our website, on the wall of our brewery, or on the label of one of our brews.

Long live Buck Bald Brewing and long live great local beer!

The Hollerin' Man