Buck Bald Craft Beer Pours

Buck Bald, Conservationist.

So, our adventurer, Buck Bald, was enjoying his Saturday grits and sausage at the local cafe. He was lazily listening to the buzz of conversation around him when one tidbit caught his attention. Some mysterious lights were appearing around the historic Brasstown Bald Observation Tower. Tourists and locals were getting nervous about visiting this beautiful spot, the highest point in Georgia. You could see from Tennessee to the skyline of Atlanta on a clear day. Mysterious Lights? Buck's interest was piqued!

Buck jumped into his rusty old pickup, headed to Brasstown Bald, and waited for the phenomenon to unfold. When the lights started, he grabbed his trusty Buck knife and proceeded to investigate.

From Buck’s vantage point he could make out ghostly campfires and equally ghostly people going about their haunting routine. One campsite in particular stood out. An authoritative figure gazed out over the land. Buck decided his best course of action would be to approach that one, hoping to find out why they were there.

"Who are you and why have you come to Brasstown Bald?" Buck inquired.

The shadowy figure turned to Buck and made this reply: "Eons ago, our Great Spirit saved my people from a great flood by depositing a canoe on this mountaintop. We were able to hunt, fish and survive here until the water subsided. It is a sacred place to us. Now we have returned to see how it is being cared for. We were waiting for you to come, Buck, so we can pass on this message and return to our rest. I am charging you with making sure the natural beauty of the land is not tarnished by trash and wanton destruction. It needs to remain a treasure for future generations. Will you accept this task?"

At a loss for words, Buck just nodded his head. In the blink of an eye, the lights and people were gone.

Buck decided he needed time to ponder his experience and formulate a plan of action...so what did Buck do? Why he went back to town, sidled up to the bar, and ordered the thinking man's brew: Hollerin' Man Pale Ale, of course!

Story By: Lesley Keenan
Edited By: Patrick Keenan
The Hollerin' Man