Buck gives back.

At Buck Bald Brewing, we believe we are blessed to be able to do something we love - brew beer. We realize that we have been given a precious gift and that not everyone is as fortunate.

Because of this, we think it is important to show our gratitude to our customers and our community by giving back. We pledge to find interesting an unique ways to contribute to our local people and our local economy. This may include helping to sponsor local events, contributing to local charities, and buying locally whenever possible.

One way we can give back is by providing local farmers with "spent grain". Now that we are brewing beer on a weekly basis we have in the neighborhood of 700 - 1000 pounds of leftover grain from the brewing process per month. This grain is being used to feed farm animals (rather then ending up in a landfil

We have also started making donations to local charities. So far we have donated both money and Buck Bald Brewing swag to charities in both Polk and Fannin Counties.

The way we look at it, we get to give twice. Once when we provide you a tasty brew and a second time when we get to give back to our local community.

The Hollerin' Man