Buck Bald Craft Beer Pours

Now On Tap in Murphy!

Our delicious lineup of locally crafted beers is ever-changing. From IPAs to sours to stouts and porters and everything in-between, you'll always find something new to enjoy at Buck Bald Brewing! This list changes suddenly and without notice. Stop in today before one (or more) of these tasty creations is gone!

Beer Description ABV Tags View
Galaxy Frog IPA You need to try this far out take on a local favorite. This is our flagship hazy IPA loaded with Galaxy hops and fermented fast and furious with a delicious fruity strain of Kveik yeast. You think you know the Frog? Until you've reached for the stars you don't know the Frog! 6.3%
Yikes, Bobby! IPA Yikes, Bobby! IPA is the beer that will leave you wanting less...of other beers. Due to our delicious combination of Warrior, Simcoe, and Centennial hops, you may not be able to finish this West Coast IPA...before ordering another. You’ll also find Yikes, Bobby a bit odd...if you take issue with a delicious tasting beer that has a well-rounded light malt base and delightful hop bitterness. We give this new taste sensation .25 stars...out of .25 stars of exceptional taste! 6.6%
Cherokee Stumpwater Smoked Porter In both Appalacian and Cherokee tradition, stumpwater collected from the hollow bowl of a tree stump has magical healing properties. We're not saying that our rich, delicious smoked porter is a miracle cure, but you may find yourself feeling relaxed and refreshed after drinking a cold pint. And hey, who's to say that our magical combination of roasted and smoked malts won't cure what ails you? 6%
Gambler's Gem Golden Ale When you need a little extra luck, don't grab a horseshoe, your lucky sweater, or a four leaf clover. Grab a pint of Gambler's Gem Golden Ale. This smooth drinking British Golden Ale with light notes of tropical fruit and citrus will attract wealth and abundance with every satisfying sip. 5.3%
Clay Bald's Stotter Aboot Wee Heavy What started out as Clay Bald's birthday beer has now become a local sensation! Weighing in at 9% ABV with touch of hazelnut, you'll be Stottering Aboot after one or two of these delicious brews. Please drink responsibly and bring a DD. 9%
Ragin' Red Ale We keep making it and you keep drinking it. This has been a local favorite since we opened and the love continues. Our traditional Irish Red Ale is delicious and smooth with a hint of roastiness. 5.3%
Pistol Packin' India Pale Ale This beer is a bold and beautiful West Coast hopped IPA with a malty backbone. With generous additions of Centennial, Mosaic, and Citra hops, this IPA comes at your palatte with guns blazing. 6.7%
Party on the Patio Porter Dark and toasty with a touch of molasses 6.1%
Backpack Blonde A malty, easy drinking blonde ale. We donate $1 from each pint sold to local charities. 5.5%
Party Out Back Brown Ale This dark and delicious brown is the malty younger brother of our Party on the Patio Porter. 5.5%
Berry My Heart at the Trailer Park Berliner Weisse This blackberry cinnamon sour is a taste sensation. The distinct purple color is a joy to behold, but the real joy is in the unique combination of sour and sweet with just a hint of cinnamon. 3.5%
Lady Buck's Peach Vanilla Tea Refreshing and delicious. Our non-alcoholic tea features peach, vanilla, and agave. Drink it straight or mix it with one of our delicious brews! 0.0%

Meaning Tag Meaning Tag
Local Fave Just Tapped
Less than 4% Over 8%
Sour Spicy
Charity Donation Hop-forward
Light Color Dark Color
Seasonal Almost Gone
Made with Fruit Unusual Style
New Brew Celebration