Buck Bald Craft Beer Pours

Upcoming Murphy Brews

In case you've been wondering...Here are the beers that we've made recently that you'll be enjoying soon!
Beer Description ABV Tags View
Shesquatch Scottish Ale You will believe! This traditional dark Scottish Ale is a brown beauty with a hint of caramel. Elusive, beautiful, and stylish, this beer has quickly become a Buck Bald Brewing sensation. 5.5%
Flip Flop Shop IPA Throw on your flip flops and head to the beach with this fruit-forward brew. Made with Sabro hops and a fruity kveik yeast, this summer sensation screams pineapple and coconut and is the perfect beer for the beach, the lake, or the patio. 6.5%
Backpack Beach Blonde This is our summer version of the wildly popular Backpack Blonde. To put you in that summer state of mind, we take our Backpack Blonde recipe to the beach with delicious, fruit-forward, Sabro hops. Enjoy the hint of coconut, pineapple, and citrus as you lounge on our spacious patio! 5%
Yikes, Bobby! IPA Yikes, Bobby! IPA is the beer that will leave you wanting less...of other beers. Due to our delicious combination of Warrior, Simcoe, and Centennial hops, you may not be able to finish this West Coast IPA...before ordering another. You’ll also find Yikes, Bobby a bit odd...if you take issue with a delicious tasting beer that has a well-rounded light malt base and delightful hop bitterness. We give this new taste sensation .25 stars...out of .25 stars of exceptional taste! 6.6%
Pedal Pusher Amber Ale Our Amber Ale is brewed with a tasty combination of malt and hops and fermented with a deliciously fruity kveik yeast. 5.5%
Dealer's Ace Pale Ale LIght with a hint of the tropics 5.5%
Mango Tango Berliner Weisse This delicious kettle sour is the stuff of local legend. Spicy, sour, and slightly sweet with Mango and Habanero pepper, one taste will make you a Mango Tango devotee. Don't say we didn't warn you! 4.5%

Meaning Tag Meaning Tag
Local Fave Just Tapped
Less than 4% Over 8%
Sour Spicy
Charity Donation Hop-forward
Light Color Dark Color
Seasonal Almost Gone
Made with Fruit Unusual Style
New Brew Celebration
Berry My Heart at the Trailer Park